How to Make $79-$97/day with Clickbank and Youtube (Without Creating any Videos)?

In this premium blog post you will discover the exact method on How Yo Make $79-$97/day With Clickbank And Youtube (Without Creating Any Videos).• it’s easy
• it’s fast
• it’s scalable
• and it works on complete autopilot

A couple years ago one of our employees (he’s a former writer on lost his job.

He was excellent at what he did (he was a graphic designer), but the company that he worked with, simply didn’t had the resources to maintain so many people. So they had to let him go.

He told us, “I have been working with this company for over 7 years and I thought this will last forever, but I was wrong.”

“It was devastating” – he emphasized.

“I could of have build my own company, but it was just too much work. I needed to find something that was easy, fast and with almost instant results, since I had bills to pay”.

Since he was a graphic designer, he did a lot of work for affiliate marketers, so he knew that there is a way to make money on the internet.

He created a Youtube account and started to throw up ideas and videos to see what happens.

“I was desperate. I did all kind of crazy things. I have probably tested over 20 niches.”

One early Sunday morning he was astonished finding that one of his video made him his first $37 online!

“I couldn’t believe it. Until I got paid to my bank account, I thought it was all fake and someone will take that money from me” – he said.

And then it started.

He made another $16.25 on the next day, then $58.36 on the third day.

“This is when I realized that if I would upload more videos, my income would double or even tipple”.

And it did.

A week later he was averaging $79-$97/day spending just 30 min a day, uploading videos for Clickbank, JVZoo and Warrior Plus products.

But the most interesting part is that he didn’t had to create any of his own videos.

“These videos did all the selling for me. All I had to do is upload them”.

“We actually started to upload those videos together with my wife. It was very simple.”

One of our main priorities here at is to provide income methods and systems that are:

• easy (no technical skills)
• fast (30-60min/day)
• scalable (to reach at least $100-$300/day)
• autopilot (make money while you sleep)

And the following step-by-step method is exactly that.

After sharing the method with our inner circle members, it didn’t took long to receive a positive response.

Here are just a few of them:





So if you are ready, let’s get started.

Overview of the method

As we promised, we won’t bore you with the technical or theoretical mambo jumbo stuff. This will be 100% of pure actionable material.

We like to go straight to the point with our method and provide 100% of actionable stuff, including screenshots and live examples, so that you can implement it right away and hopefully see money coming in very soon.

What we are gonna be doing is promoting affiliate offers leveraging the third largest
website in the world,

At first we promoted Clickbank products. And it works great if you want to promote Clickbank products.

But then we tried JVZoo and Warrior plus and it really blew up.

Mainly because JVzoo and Warrior Plus have a ton of products to choose from.

However, these affiliate offers are not simple make money online guides (that usually get low conversion rates and lots of refunds).

No. We will promote high value products that actually help people to save their time and make more money. We are talking about the software and WordPress plugins in the „make money online“ niche.

Here are just a few reasons why we like to promote these offers:
#1. Provide instant results for your customer
#2. Higher conversion rates
#3. Less refunds
#4. Higher payouts
#5. Sell for themselves (you will soon find out why!).

Most Youtube guides will tell you to create your own videos, which is where many new marketers give up straight away. Luckily, not this time 🙂 With this method you don’t need to create any of your own videos.

Your only job is to:
1. Find these offers.
2. Download the video (we will show you how and where you can find it).
3. Upload it on Youtube with your affiliate link in the description box.
4. Make money!

Sounds too simple? Probably. But does it work? Like a gangbusters!

Here are our last month’s stats:


These are just a few of many affiliate products we promote on Youtube through affiliate network.

As we said, Clickbank will work just as great as JVZoo or Warrior Plus.

Now. We are NOT showing these stats to brag or anything.

We want you to see what’s possible to achieve for YOU too, using the exact method we are going to reveal you in just a second.

Finding affiliate offers to promote.

So there are three main places for „Make Money Online“ plugins and software:


We personally like to promote Warrior Special Offers (WSOs) through But that’s just us. Any network listed above will do the work really. In fact, using all three you will have more offers to choose from and way less competition.

Later we will show you how we find offers on all of the three affiliate networks (including Clickbank).

Picking up an offer from the

Let’s open up the and see what new products have been recently released. To do that, you need to sign up and go to Affiliates > Offers.


We can instantly see one product available to promote.


So now that we found the offer, we need to to download the video.

Here’s how to download a high quality, high converting video legally (without even editing it) and upload back with your affiliate link.

Downloading the video


Finding and downloading videos is very simple.

We simply…

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