How to boost your Facebook engagement?

How to boost your Facebook engagement?

If you are using Facebook as a platform to get traffic, I am talking about the free method, are you having very little engagement on your posts or anything you gave out? You might see some other people post or share the same things but they have many people give reation while look at your posts, there have only 1 or 2 likes!

Do you know why?

The fact is you need to give before you want to receive more engagement on your Facebook account or any other platforms! GIVE and TAKE. You have to work on it before you recieve something back!

I do not do anything phenomenal, what I am introducing in this post I could say anyone can do, even newbies. As long as you apply this, you can see results within hours, even minutes!

I will update these tips day by day so feel free to bookmark the link as you want to come back and get more values, yes, it is free. Then you can have more ideas on how to boost your Facebook engagement and share them for other fellow marketers.

I will not keep you wait any longer, let’s dive deep into it:

  1. Post on Facebook groups: when you post on a group, Facebook will send all of your friends who are also in the same group a notification about your action. This is a good sign because they will remember you: real, active in this platform. What kind of posts are you putting on those groups?

It depends on the kind of posts that result in people’s interaction . If you post one promotion for a long time, it might show your consistent but people already know it. Be wise choosing your posts.  Here is an example of a post I made that you can replicate the same on any Facebook groups.

I’ve made another post with more than 200 comments, more followers reaching out to me.

What you can get with this type of posts? (Related to online marketing niche)

  • Connect with new people: you can go out there and check on what they are promoting, you might add one more stream of income to your porfolio.
  • More followers: 100%. I gain followers every day simply by posting these. Do you know why? People know you want to connect and you are an open-minded person. => They will send you a friend request.

2. Another way which is really appealing will be revealed soon. I am sure you’ll gain around 5 – 10 followers/day ORGANICALLY. And yes, it’s free. Stay tuned!

*Updated: Well, this method is really simple. If you really want to know how well it works, simply post these kind of questions on any groups related to working from home niche and I would be happy if you share your results to me.

Q: Hey there, can you please share a legit program under $50 investment? Thanks.
Q: I’d love to join a legit oppotunity with around $50 initial investment? Thanks.

After you post those questions, many people will send you messages with their pitch and business opportunities.

=> You will have chance to chat with them and build relationship. But you need to know how to reverse the conversation so that they will be interested in your business. This is hard but it’s a skill and a skill is learnable *wink. If you want free training on this, pm me on Facebook.

They will also send you friend requests.

=> This is good because you will not have to go out and send friend requests to people (high likely chance to get blocked by Facebook). You will gain more followers this way if you already have big number of friends. Facebook will auto count them as your followers. To me, this is the best way to gain followers and friends for are in internet marketing niche who come to you.

You will know more opportunities.

=> If you already work well with your business, you can check their opportunities if there is any you want to put in your portfolio to have one more stream of income.

Chances are many people don’t stick with their business. One day when they quit their business and see you’re crushing it with yours, they will join you. This is a long term vision you should see in a prospect. If today they don’t join you doesn’t mean in the future they will not. It also means you have to be commited with your business. Developing yourself each day, work your face off and your hard work pays off!

3. The next thing to do to get more engagement

Everyday, you visit a group in your niche, then like posts from people posting there. You will see that there are few reactions on those posts. Mosts of the time, sellers are more than buyers, so it’s a great chance for you. When people see someone like their post, they will think you’re interested in their business and reach out to you.

=> You have more chance to build relationship with them. But make sure you don’t hit the like button so fast because Facebook will put you in jail!

Feel free to connect with me if you have any questions.

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