How to auto post on Facebook


How to auto post on Facebook

If you are using Facebook as a platform to drive traffic for free, you must be familiar with the method: posting on Facebook groups. If you know how to do it effectively, this method has some benefits like it is free, there are many members (even hundred of thousands) in the niche will see your post.

Facebook has millions of groups out there in all kind of niches and languages. If you consistently post on these groups, it will take a large amount of your time. Therefore, having a software to help you with this task is an ultimate solution.

Today I am going to share with you the one that I have been using for years and it works like a charm: the software called: Ninja Blaster.

You are looking for How to auto post on facebook  but Here are some basic functions of it:

  • Post to Unlimited Facebook Groups on Autopilot
  • Join Unlimited Facebook Groups on Autopilot: Simply type the niche you wanna be in, enter the size of the group (at least 250, 500, 1k, 10k or more) then hit START. 
  • Undetectable Like a Ninja Unlimited Keyword Suggestions From Multiple SE
  • Photo Resize Pro Included, Resize your Pics with 1 Click
  • …and Much Much More

This video shows you all functions of this software

Using this software, your post will easily reach thousands of people on auto pilot. To me personally, I use it to do SEO (Search Engine Optimazation) for my website also. What a great deal!

It only takes you few minutes to set up! It’s super easy that anyone with a Facebook account can do!

How about its security? It’s 100% safe.

You can go here and get download now. Best part? You can start at $0 for 3 days FREE trial and the price after that is DIRTY cheap! You can’t imagine. Simple go here >> CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD







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