[Newbie To Expert] CPA FULL TUTORIAL + TOOLS [ EARN $100 + DAILY ] Black Hat CPA

Hi guy’s today in this tutorial you will show you how to make money online using CPA!

This guide is taken from my personal experience of 8 years in CPA industry 


List of things you need to start :

CPA Account
Facebook Audiens Extractor Pro [ software ]
AB Bulk Mailer [ software ]
SMTP [ for sending emails ]
Landing page [ website
Sign up for CPA accounts for free

Facebook Audiens Extractor Pro [can be found in the vip seo tools]
AB Bulk Mailer [ Cracked ]


ELASTICEMAIL [ paid ] you may google other alternatives
you can use gmail or other emails but they have sending limits
Landing page

you can use free landing page websites, but I suggest you to build your own website so you can customize everything
Now let’s get to action
first login to your cpa account and search for good high payout offers

let’s choose one of those iPhone XS offer’s !
the traffic you need to send to those offers is from FINLAND as you can see on the pictures
click on the offer title and copy the url

later you need to put this link on your email letter

now we need to find emails, for this step you will need a facebook account to use the Facebook Audiens Extractor Pro
install and open the software

follow the steps explained on the images below

you will be redirected to a login form to get the token

after you login you will get your access token here

copy and paste your token to the software then you are ready to continue using it

now click on the simpel finder and a window will pop up

for better results click on group finder tab

now you have to be creative to find target emails!
our offer is for Finland so you have to collect Finland emails

here is a bonus Idea how to do this, go to google translate and translate ” buy and sell to Finnish language ”
because the buy and sell groups are everywhere so every country has like 100-500 groups that buy and sell stuff so all you gotta do is translate those 2 magic keywords and copy them

after you have copied the ID’s we move to the next step

close this window and then click find audience from groups and another window will pop up
paste the ID’s click on start button and wait for it to finish collecting the emails and other leads

if you want to hide a column just right click on it and click hide, I suggest you to save just names and emails then click save results to CSV

next step is creating a email letter and setup AB Bulk Mailer
for the email letter you can find online email templates and edit them based on your offer

here is an email that I created for the same offer and the email should look something like this

when they click enter you can redirect to the landing page similar to this email or you can redirect them straight to the offer link that you got from the offer
I suggest you to try to send them to your landing page because it makes this whole thing look more legit
here is an example of a landing page for this offer, it was build on wordpress x elementor

so let start sending emails and setup the AB Bulk Mailer

1 first you have to setup the smtp servers [ use elasticemail or free smtp from gmail etc … ]
2 then setup the email letter [ as I mentioned before just paste the html ]
3 import contacts you saved from facebook extractor
4 click easy send and wait until it finish




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