[BLACK HAT TRICK] How To Fake ANY Domain And Get Amazing Conversions

How To Fake ANY Domain And Get Amazing Conversions

This works really good for fake CPA generators landing pages. This tutorial is about faking any domain and making the visitor think he is on the game’s/giftshop/giftcard’s main domain skyrocketing your conversions.

For this example we will fake the domain steampowered.com and make the visitor think he/she is on that domain.


1 – Register a domain that has to do with your landing page, for this example we will use a landing page for free steam gift codes and add “com-” infront of the domain, example: we will register the domain “com-freesteamcodes.com”

2 – In you hosts control panel make a subdomain “steampowered” on that domain

3 – Now your domain looks like “steampowered.com-freesteamcodes.com”. You will not believe how many people fall for this and think they are getting a free steam code on the actual steampowered website 😉

4 – Put your landing page on your subdomain and drive traffic, repeat 😉





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