100 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

100 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

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1. Write a Roundup Post

A roundup post is an entry that speaks about a group of people in your niche.
This strategy is used to build relationships with influencers in your niche.
Let them know that you are reaching out to them and promoting their
content. More often than not, this leads to them returning you the favor by
blogging or tweeting about you. If they are indeed influential in your niche,
their return of favor will be sending massive traffic your way.

2. Interview Experts in Your Niche

If you can get interviews with experts in your niche, your credibility will be
greatly boosted thus generating more traffic. All you have to do is ask: email
experts a list of questions that is relevant to your niche and get some great
content from their answers. At the same time, build relationships with these
experts because you never know when a powerful partnership will come
knocking at your door.

3. Twitter Traffic

Twitter can be a huge source of traffic for you if you know how to build
your Twitter network on a daily basis. Your goal with Twitter is to network
and build relationships and these relationships can lead to more traffic. One
Twitter post can become so viral that it can send tens of thousands of visitors
to your sites if done in the right manner.

4. Create a Facebook Page

Studies have shown that people are spending more time on Facebook than
any other website on the internet. By being in front of such traffic, you have
the best chance of being seen on the vast web. Create a Facebook Page for
your website and install a “Like Box” into your website so that your visitors
will know you are on Facebook and join as a fan on your Facebook Page.

5. Create an Infographic

If you are great with design, you can take the statistics of any topic and
create an infographic to represent the figures. Infographics can go viral very
easily as people like to share them all over the web. Do remember to include
your website URL within the infographic so that you can get the traffic when it is re-blogged elsewhere on the internet. You know what? Forget about
being great with design, you can outsource it to someone else to get it done
for you!

6. Create a .pdf Cheatsheet

Create cheatsheets with important information about a certain topic and
include your website URLs where possible inside the document. People love
content such as this and there is a very good chance that it will go viral being
shared on the web.

7. Create a Memorable Domain

Domain names often give people a first impression of the website. A good
domain will attract the massive amounts of traffic. The most effective
domains are the .com domains.

8. Produce Videos on YouTube

One of the largest search engines other than Google is none other than
YouTube. Therefore, it is crucial to include YouTube in your arsenal of
traffic strategies. Create your own YouTube channel. Produce and upload
original videos with interesting content to your YouTube channel. Using the
“annotation” feature while editing YouTube videos, you can add a call to
action for viewers to go your website URL. Another strategy is to interlink
your videos with annotations so as to pick up more views and more traffic.
Optimize your YouTube channel by including a link back to your website in
the profile information on the left panel.

9. Optimize your YouTube videos with searchable keywords

After producing and uploading interesting video content to YouTube,
optimize your YouTube videos by tagging your video with searchable
keywords. For phrases, remember to include the quotation punctuation:” “

10. Add video responses to YouTube videos
Find other videos uploaded on YouTube that are related to your video
content by searching your keywords in the YouTube search engine. Select the popular videos with many views and add a video response to that
YouTube video. You can find this option near the comments section.

11. Syndicate your Videos with TubeMogul
TubeMogul is a video marketing platform for syndicating video content to
other video sites. Although the bulk of your video views will come from
YouTube, you will also be able to generate a considerable amount of niche
traffic to your site by syndicating your video content to smaller video
sharing sites. Do remember to include a link back to your website in your
profile while setting up accounts on the different video channels.

12. Watermark your Videos
To watermark your videos is placing an image overlay, which links to the
URL of the domain you want to drive traffic to, on top of a video. This can
be done using a video editing program, more specifically, a screen capture
video software like Camtasia. This software works well on PC and MAC
and even comes with a free trial of 30 days.

13. Screencast Videos
Creating screencast videos is an effective way you can use to drive traffic to
you website. One strategy is to attach a screencast near the end of the video
to persuade visitors to check out your website. Talk about it for short while,
pointing out the cool things visitors can find on your website. Some software
I would recommend is Camtasia or Jing.

14. Write Guest Posts
Many bloggers or webmasters have audiences to their websites amounting
more than your own. Approach these people and ask them if they would like
for you to write a post for their blog. Not only will you possibly get traffic
flocking to your site, it will also get you quality backlinks that will bosst the
ranking of your site on Google. In addition, you would have made a friend
or friends and build relationships in the process.

15. Build an Email List

Building an email list enables you to drive traffic at the click of a button.
With a substantial number of subscribers in your email list, you can also
build a community around your site or even your niche and eventually make
sales after you have established relationship with your list. However, it takes
time, effort and the right strategies to attract people to subscribe to your list.
Also, it is essential to use an autoresponder service to build your email list.
You can check out Aweber, iContact or GetResponse for autoresponder
services as mentioned.

16. Use Squeeze Pages
A squeeze page is a landing page used to capture prospective leads on the
internet who are interested in what you have to offer. In this way, you will
build a traffic getting list very quickly.

17. Write a Free eBook
An eBook is a book-length digital publication read on computers or other
electronic devices. They have a high perceived value and are a great way to
build a huge email list.
To create an eBook, you just have to copy and paste blog posts you already
have written into a document and convert it into a PDF. Give away this
eBook for free in exchange that people subscribe to your email list.

18. Submit your eBooks to eBook directories
Once you have written your eBook, submit it to eBook directories. eBook
directories work similarly with other online directories. They simply list a
number of eBooks on their directory and people actually visit these
directories to find information. In this way, not only do your website gain
more traffic, people also get to know you as an author.
The key to making it viral is to provide great and interesting content.

19. Set up an Autoresponder Email Series
Having an email list is not enough, there needs to be a strategy to get your
marketing and promotion messages across to your list. An autoresponder is
an email marketing tool that once set up will automatically send emails to a

subscriber in specific time intervals after they sign up to your email list.
Setting up an autoresponder email series requires some thought and
organization. Ideally, your autoresponder emails should contain content for
every important article on your blog and each email should have a call to
action designed to get the reader to click through to your site.

20. Create an Ecourse
An easy yet effective way to start your email series is by offering a 5-day /
7-day email course where you send emails automatically for the next 5/7
days to build a strong relationship and trust with your subscribers. Include
links in your email for them to revisit your website. Once you have built a
substantial list of raving subscribers, you will be able to create a sustainable
amount of traffic that is going to your website.

21. Create Epic Content
People love to read content that delivers immense value to them. Therefore,
to attract the bulk of traffic to your website, your content must be well
thought out and researched, outdoing competitors’ efforts in a particular

22. Give Away Free Stuff
One very effective way of making your content viral is to give away free
stuff. You are able to drive massive amounts of traffic to your website,
generate leads for your business and even make sales later by giving away
high quality free stuff on the front end of your sales process.

23. Submit Your Site to Feedburner.com
Another way to get more traffic is to let your website be more accessible
through RSS feeds. Feedburner is a web feed management provider owned
by Google that takes your RSS feeds and makes it easily accessible to a
variety of RSS readers. You can also use the service to track the subscribers
on your feed, optimize the content in your feed as well as use different ways
to publicize your feed with widgets.

24. Participate in forums and add a compelling message in your

Forum posting is one of the ways to increase the traffic to your website.
When you participate in forums which are on topics surrounding your niche
or website content, give value-adding comments and participate actively in
the discussions. Add a persuasive message in your signature to attract forum
members to visit your website.

25. Become an active user on StumbleUpon
StumbleUpon.com is a discovery engine that finds and recommends web
content to its users. Its features allow users to discover and rate Web pages,
photos, and videos that are personalized to their tastes and interests using
peer-sourcing and social-networking principles. It is thus a very good
platform for you to promote your website and get more traffic.

26. Use keywords in your title tags
If you want to get more traffic to your website, it is crucial to know where
all that traffic is coming from. Majority of online traffic finds content on
search engines using keywords hence the first step to get found on search engines is to include keywords into your website. We call this process On-
Page Search Engine Optimization. One element to include keywords in is in your title tag, the title of your website. There are many other elements to
search engine optimization.

27. Hold a Contest for Subscribers
Organize contests where you give away prizes to winners. You can do this
as a one-time-only or monthly contest. The bigger your gift, the more buzz
you generate online and hence the more traffic to your site from those who
sign up.

28. Retweet Contest
If you are active on Twitter, you might have seen some of the marketing
tactics in Twitter campaigns. One idea is that you could hold a contest to
make the entry based on tweeting a certain link. Using backtweets, you can
track those who have tweeted your link.

29. Content Contest

Ever finding it hard to write content? You can hold a Content Contest where
you ask users to answer a question to enter a contest and the best answer
wins a prize. Not only will you get a massive amounts of traffic because the
contest prizes attracts people, when the contest is finished you should have a
healthy article filled with insightful responses to any question you want.

30. Traffic Contest
An easy way to effectively get your website ranked and found on search
engines is to hold a SEO contest where the person who sent the most traffic
to the contest page wins an awesome prize. This can be done is by each user
having their own bit.ly url. All bit.ly urls have built in analytics that can be
accessed by adding a + to the end of the link.

31. Make your blog available on Kindle
The Amazon Kindle is an e-book reader which uses wireless connectivity to
enable users to shop for, download, browse, and read e-books, newspapers,
magazines, blogs, and other digital media. With more than 54 million hits a
month, Amazon is the ultimate traffic-driver; even if you never own a
Kindle you should make your blog available on Kindle as it will position
you as an authority in your field. Here’s a guide on Publishing on
Kindle: Kindle Publishing Made Easy

32. Create an ezine/newsletter
An ezine is a magazine and newsletter distributed by any electronic method,
for example, by electronic mail. Studies have shown that there is a very large
readership on the internet. If you were to grant free access to your online
content through an ezine/newsletter, you will quickly attract the targeted
attention to what you have to offer. Hence, creating an ezine/newsletter is a
good way to get more traffic.

33. Set up a page on Hubpages.com
HubPages is an online space for you to share your advice, reviews, useful
tips, opinions and insights with hundreds of other authors. One of the 50
most visited US sites on the Internet, it is where you can get more traffic to your main site if you are able to get the attention of the ready traffic there by
contributing interesting and value-adding content.

34. Set up a Squidoo.com page
Squidoo is similar to HubPages where you can create “lenses” that tend to
rank very well in the search engines. Provide a link back to your website and
that you will get you more traffic to the site.

35. Install the Alexa toolbar on your browser
The Alexa Toolbar is a Firefox extension that is used by Alexa to measure
website specific statistics. It is crucial to install the Alexa toolbar because
Goggle uses Alexa’s Information for ranking and indexing. After installing
the toolbar, surfing your own site will absolutely help you get your sites
indexed by Google more quickly.

36. Install Social Sharing Plugins
Install social sharing plugins like Facebook and Twitter sharing buttons.
Share this is one service that offers you to share content on Facebook and
Twitter and other content hubs. Always add links to your Twitter updates
and use other pages other than your Home page, like your About page, as a
landing page. This is help you to gather more traffic to your site.

37. Set up a Facebook business page
Set up a Facebook business page to join in the conversation with Facebook
users. You can send updates to your fans, which will show up on their home
pages. You will also have access to insights and analytics of your fan base.
The good thing about having a Page is that you can have an unlimited
number of fans while individual accounts can only accommodate 5000

38. Participate in and/or create Facebook groups
You can find your niche market by browsing through Facebook groups.
Once you find a group relating to your niche participate in it and get yourself
known to their members by giving value to the group. Make your website
URL known. Soon enough, people will start noticing you and traffic will flock to your website. Alternatively, you can create your own Facebook
group as well, so that you have total freedom to do what you want in your

39. Set up events on Facebook
Facebook events is an application on Facebook that helps you to organize
events. It is a great way to get more traffic because by leaving all the default
settings the way they are – that is, allow guests to invite others, upload
photos, write on the wall, etc., every one of these activities creates news
items that go out into the feeds of those individuals and their friends. This
means that your content / event will go viral very fast on Facebook.

40. Take advantage of Mobile Traffic
With the increasing number of smart phone users around the world, you
should take advantage of the amounts of mobile traffic by optimizing your
content for mobile.
Here’s an excellent course on mobile marketing: Mobile Money

41. Install a Forum
Forums are a great way to get more traffic to your site. By building a forum,
you are also building a community around your site where people can
organize discussions and just hang out at your site.

42. Post Links on highly visible Facebook Pages
Popular Facebook Pages usually allow you to post on their Wall because
they want to welcome active discussions on the page. Take the opportunity
to post your link on their Facebook Page wall so that you can get the
massive amount of traffic already there to your site. It is, however, strongly
advisable for you to give constructive and valuable content while posting on
their walls so that your content will not be deemed spam and prevent you
from being ousted from the page.

43. Add your Site to Directories

Most directories offer the free option to add your URL to their listings. You
will be able to pick up some high quality backlinks by adding your site to
directories. This is to get your site ranking well on Google.

44. Add your Blog to Blog Directories
Blog-only directories will get you more link juice and traffic from people
who are browsing the directory. So, do add your blog URL to blog
directories to increase your site exposure.

45. Build Links with Other Web Masters
Another effective way to get more traffic is to put your website link on
another website related to your niche. Most webmasters don’t mind doing a
link exchange with you if you are to provide a reciprocal link on your site as
well. In this way, Google sees the links as two way links. However, one way
links are perceived to be more powerful than two way links. Therefore if you
have two sites, build links with other bloggers by linking them with one site
and having them link to the other. This way you and the blogger both get
one way links. If you have three or more blogs you can apply this same
strategy internally.

46. Do Ad Swaps with Other People in Your Niche
Cross promote by doing ad swaps with someone in your niche to get more
traffic and build a substantial email list. Firstly, find someone in your niche
with a similar sized email list. Send an email about their opt-in offer to your
list, and they will reciprocate by sending an email about your opt-in offer to
their list. Here’s a place where you can find adswap partners:

47. Submit Press Releases
A press release is a written or recorded communication directed at members
of the news media for the purpose of announcing something newsworthy.
They may be a old school technique, but press releases still work.
Here’s an excellent software that will help you with your PR submission:
Press Equalizer

48. Find JV Partners
Partner with other people in your niche to promote your products or services.

49. Conduct Proper Keyword Research
Keyword research help you to find relevant keywords that are high in
demand but low in level competition. Use the Google Keyword tool to
gather this information and then use it for search engine optimization or cost
per click campaigns to get your website ranked to be found my prospective
customers. Or you could use an awesome Keyword
Research software like: Long Tail Pro

50. Google AdWords
Pay Per Click advertising is also very effective in getting more traffic to
your site. It is highly recommended if you have a sales funnel that more than
pays for the cost of the traffic. Avoid PPC advertising if you do not have a
product that you are already making sales with.

51. Facebook Ads
Facebook ads allow you to target your specific market according to their
demographics, geographical residence and the users’ preferences. As a result
of Facebook’s large user base, you have a large group to market to even if
you narrow it down to your niche.

52. StumbleUpon Ads
StumbleUpon Ads are great if your content is very entertaining and
controversial because it can start going viral very quickly.
53. Upload your power-point presentations onto Slideshare.net
Create interesting and eye-catching presentations. Upload it onto
Slideshare.net and include the URL or links of the sites you want to send
traffic to in your slides.

54. Post trainings on Learnable.com

Do you have knowledge on certain topics others are looking to learn? Create
online courses and upload them to Learnable.com and watch your content go
viral. Courses can come in the form of videos, articles, project files or just
answering questions.

55. Do video interviews of influential people in your industry
Video interviews are great to promote your website and get more traffic. Do
video interviews with influential people in your industry so you have the
credibility factor to attract your niche market to actually watch your video.
What’s more, the content comes easily by the answers the person gives. You
are simply asking questions while valuable content is given by the expert.

56. Join a tribe such as triberr.com
Triberr.com is a community of bloggers in different niches grouped in tribes.
Every time you publish a new post, everyone in your tribe will tweet it to
their followers. And you do the same for everyone in your tribe. This will
get your blog off the ground and buzzing with traffic in no time.

57. Set your business up with Google Places
97% of consumers search for local businesses online. Therefore, your
website will get more traffic if you were to list it with Google Places.

58. Purchase Ads on a Website
Many website owners who hold well-built sites are willing to sell ad space
for very cheap. Email the site owner to purchase hyper targeted traffic.

59. Paid Site Review
Get a professional blogger to review your site to pick up quality backlinks
and benefit from the exposure to their community. You can find some of
them at http://sponsoredreviews.com.

60. Business Cards

Include your website URL on your business card and let people know about
your site when you give it to them.

61. Give out Swag with your URL
If you are looking for an offline method to promote your website, consider
giving out swag. Everyone loves swag. Make the swag you dish out as cool
as possible so that people actually wear it.

62. Post Content on a Regular Basis
To generate a regular readership on your website, produce content regularly.
Try to get your next few posts on standby so that you can always get your
content out on the same day even if your week gets crazy and you don’t have
a chance to create new content.

63. Start a Podcast
Start a Podcast to get your content out to the millions of people with iPods
and other Apple products. It allows you to build up an audience who you can
form strong relationships with. You can learn more about podcasting here:
Niche Podcasting

64. Ask People to Stumble Your Posts
Make your content interesting and StumbleUpon can be a huge source of
traffic source for your site. Get your friends to stumble your content.

65. Use the su.pr Link Shortener
Su.pr is StumbleUpon’s link shortener and when you use Su.pr to shorten a
link it will automatically submit your content to StumbleUpon.

66. SocialAdr
SocialAdr is a social bookmarking service that allows you to have your
bookmark saved by others in the community if you share the content of
others. Users choose the content that they want to bookmark, bookmark it
and SocialAdr automatically also bookmarks it on multiple bookmarking
sites at once.

67. OnlyWire
OnlyWire.com allows you to send your content to up to 45 social sharing
sites at once. If you are using WordPress, utilize the OnlyWire plugin so that
when you publish a post, your content will be bookmarked to the 45 social
bookmarking sites.
68. Install a Facebook “Like” button
By just the click of a button on the Facebook Like buttons, people will be
sharing your content with their community and sending traffic to your site.
For WordPress users, you can use the WP FB Like plugin.

69. Link to your site in your Email Signature
You can get traffic to your site with every email you send. Therefore, set up
a custom signature with a link to your website. In addition, have it as an
anchor text with the title of your site, because in that way, there is a good
chance that it will get clicked.

70. Customize your 404 error page
Suggest other content on your site to visitors with a custom designed 404
page. This is so that even if they accidentally land on that page, they don’t
bounce from your site.

71. Interlink your Pages
Create links that link internally within your site because the more links you
have within your content to other content on your site the better your site
will rank in Google. This will also mean more traffic for you. Hence,
interlink the pages on your site as often as is relevant.

72. Emphasize your Popular Content
Popular content on your site is most likely to be shared by your visitors,
which will in turn bring in more traffic for you. Therefore, make it easy for
your visitors to find your best content.

73. Solo Ads
Find a reputable list owner who guarantees a certain amount of clicks and
work out a deal for the list owner to mail a list for you for a payment. This is
list building technique you can use to generate more traffic to your site.

74. Create a controversial (yet industry-related) post
Controversy and sensationalism are old tricks gain more traffic to your site
but they still prove to be the most effective in getting your content shared
virally on the internet. So, create a controversial post which is industry or
niche related.

75. Pay for advertisement – PPC, CPC, CPA, CPL … to name a few
Paying for advertisement is a fast way for your site to gain the exposure and
recognition especially when it is a completely new site. However, it takes
good, solid and value-giving content to retain your viewership in the long

76. Create a post “101 … “ on anything
We all love lists. Examples of lists include, 100 ways to achieve certain
results or ranking lists like the top most popular songs etc. Create lists on
anything or to make it more effective, create lists of a topic that is currently

77. Speed up your Website
When we talk about the internet, we are always talking about speed. When a
website takes more than a few seconds to load some visitors will leave
simply because they are impatient. Therefore speed up your website. This
can be done by compressing your images or installing a w3 cache plugin to
your WordPress site.

78. Optimize your Images

Optimize your images by compressing their size, label their alt tags and title
so that they can be found by image search engines, such as Google Images,

79. Get Quality Website Hosting

Even if you can generate a lot of traffic to your website, your traffic might
not have a site to visit if your website can’t show because your website
hosting is of low quality. Go with a host that is well established and has
great customer service. A web host that is very reliable is Hostgator.

80. Build Backlinks

Link building is one of the surest ways to get your site ranked on Google so
that you can direct massive amounts of traffic to your site. However, when
building backlinks, always keep in mind that it is the quality of links over
the quantity of links. One link from an authority site can do more for your
site than 1,000 low quality links. Here’s an excellent
software that helps build you a ton of backlinks: SEO Link Vine

81. Build Backlinks with Article Marketing

One of the ways to build quality backlinks is through article marketing.
Article marketing allows you to get your content in front of many different
people, and direct them back to your site. In the author bio or resource
section of articles, you are able to insert links or anchor texts and send traffic
back to your site. An effective way of using the links is to send traffic to a
squeeze page with a relevant opt in offer.

82. Distribute Your Articles

Once you have produced articles to be distributed to many article marketing
directories, you can distribute your articles manually, or you can use the paid
service Distribute Your Articles to send your articles to many article
directories at once. Or use this software to help you: Magic Article Rewriter
And Magic Article Submitter

83. Use the Free Traffic System

The Free Traffic System is a tool that publishes your content and backlinks
to blogs that are relevant to your niche.

84. Title Tag Optimization

Ensure that your title tags include keywords you are trying to rank on the
Google search engine. By doing that, you increase the chances of ranking in
Google and getting more traffic from searches containing those keywords.
Here’s a cool software that automates your on-page optimisation: SEO

85. Choose a Smart Domain

A domain name that contains the keywords you are optimizing for actually
gives you an advantage over everyone else trying to rank for those words.

86. Add a translation widget to your site

Install a translateion widget to your site if you want non-english traffic to
your site. One such tool can be the Google Translate Tool.

87. Submit your Site to Search Engines

Manually submit your new site to Google, Yahoo and BING to inform that
to crawul it on a regular basis. For a WordPress blog, install the Google
XML Sitemaps plugin to enable crawling spiders to check out your site

88. Network with Other Bloggers in Your Niche

Attend blogging events and network with other bloggers in your niche. The
more relationships you build with other bloggers, the better. Tweetups are a
great way to meet people if you are on Twitter and Eventcast is a cool way
to keep up with the events your friends are attending.

89. Install Google Analytics and Optimize Your Site

Install Google Analytics to track variables that will give you insight into
how to optimize you site. For WordPress bloggers, use the plugin Google
Analyticator to easily install the Google Analytics tracking code. One tip is
that by looking at the exit paths of visitors, you can see which pages should
be tweaked to prevent people from bouncing from your site. You can find
Google Analytics here: https://www.google.com/analytics

90. Comment on other blogs

Mashable and TechCrunch are big blogs where many people visit to read
stuff. Be the first to comment on their posts for maximum visibility.

91. Add your Blog to Technorati

Add your blog to Technorati and all of your blog posts will be imported
there, giving your site powerful backlinks from an authority site every time
you publish a post.

92. Spy on Your Competitors Links

Find your biggest competitors by searching for your keywords in Google.
Take the top results from there and spy on their backlinks. Copy your
competitor’s URL and paste it in the yahoo search bar in this manner:
link:pageurl -site:domain.com
This will show you the links that are pointing to this page so that you can
attempt to duplicate them.

93. Encourage Active Commenting

Keep the conversation going on your website by answering comments with a
question. One of the strategies to get your first comment is to be the first to
comment in your own post. Your first comment can be asking people what
they think about the post you wrote. Avoid putting them down if they
disagree, and you’ll have plenty of comments in no time. For WordPress
users, consider installing the disqus commenting plugin, which allows users
to login with Facebook or Twitter, and then share their comment with these

94. Write about Twitter

It has been observed that content that deals with Twitter tends to be shared
on Twitter very liberally and writing about Facebook tends to retweet quite
well also, and posts about Facebook are also “Liked” liberally on Facebook.

95. Alltop

Guy Kawasaki’s Alltop syndicates top stories about a vast variety of topics
so submit your site to it and many will find you through it.

96. DMOZ

DMOZ is a highly esteemed directory and getting listed on it, your site holds
a lot of weight in the search engines. Every new link to DMOZ is manually
reviewed, and few are accepted, so you may or may not be included but it is
still totally worth a try.

97. Put Your Website Everywhere

Get your wesite URL known by doing a little Guerilla Marketing. Some
ideas: Give out business cards with an incentive for people to visit your site
on them and leave them everywhere. You can also get a decal of your URL
for your car. Do whatever it takes to get people to your site!

98. Ask your Readers for Feedback

Don’t be afraid to ask for opinions from people about what they think of
your site because the better you can create your site to be, the more visits
you will get over time from repeat visitors.

99. Track your Rank in the Search Engines

Check out the free Rank Checker firefox plugin to regularly check your rank
in Google. In this way, you can track your results and make efforts to
improve your site ranking.
Market Samurai also has a rank checker tool.

100. Do not install ads

Popularize then monetize. Before adding ads, first ensure that you already
have a steady amount of traffic and repeat visitors to your site because ads
send traffic from your website elsewhere on the web, and once your visitors
click away they may never return.

Do you have any questions? Feel free to ask below!



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